The leader in profession manufacture of commercial equipment in global.

Not just longer a traditional industry, I Jang innovation and breakthrough for many years.  We are not only embodying function and solid perspective of the product, but also adapt service spirit and idea.  We trust our client not just our customer, but all of the supply chains are included.

I Jang will uphold win-win situation and original intention of sharing to lead all of the relative enterprise to base on the Asian and expand one's horizons to include the whole world.

Company I JANG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. proimages/外觀.jpg
Established 1987
Date of OCT Nov 23rd, 2017 (Stock code: 8342)
Main Products Commercial Storage Equipment, Custom-made Product and Household Product
Address No.4, Hsing Kung Rd., Lun Chiao Village, Pitou Township, Changhua County 523, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL +886-4-8926130
Since I JANG group establishment, we following ”Sincerity/Struggle/Creation/Dedication/Gratefulness" of business concept, and keep creatingthe great result.

All-around toward high workmanship of custom-made and service, layout high-end products market in global.

Innovation Product design / Exceed customer expectation
Integrate resource of group / Optimize effective management
Implementation quality system / Practice full management


Leading teams and integrate supply chain, make a trustworthy supplier of commercial equipment in global.